Create Your To-Do List When You Are Five Months Pregnant

Congratulations on making it to five months! Hopefully by now, a lot of the common symptoms from the first trimester have either disappeared or become less intense. When you first found out you were pregnant, you may have written down a to-do list of all the things you needed to prepare for.

If not, now is the perfect time to create a to-do list. When you are five months pregnant, what should you be preparing for? If you need ideas on creating your to-do list when you are five months pregnant, keep reading.


Five months pregnant


Five months pregnant: Get your pregnancy pillow

I’ve spoken to different pregnant women on when the best time is to start using a pregnancy pillow. Some started after finishing the first trimester. Others told me they started using one during the third trimester. It really depends on the woman, but now would be an ideal time to get your pregnancy pillow if you haven’t done so already.


Notify your supervisor about upcoming maternity leave

If you haven’t notified your manager that you’re pregnant, now would be a good time to do so. Understandably, not every pregnant woman wants to disclose her pregnancy at work in the first trimester, due to the higher miscarriage rates around that time.

Now that you’re five months pregnant, notifying your manager now gives sufficient time to create a plan on how your work responsibilities will be covered while you’re gone. Will a temporary employee be hired to assist in covering for you while you are away?

Perhaps, other colleagues will step up to support your role. Maybe your supervisor will decide on what projects or responsibilities can be on hold and what can be delegated to other colleagues. Regardless of what the plan is, it would be a good time to tell your supervisor about your pregnancy or estimated maternity leave dates for planning purposes.


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Five months pregnant: Discuss baby shower ideas with your party planners

One of my favorite things about pregnancy is the baby shower! Who doesn’t love getting showered with a bunch of baby gifts: 🙂 If you have friends, family members, or loved ones who will be throwing you a baby shower, consider talking to them about the details when you are five months pregnant. Baby shower topics to discuss include location, date/time, party themes, invitations, games, and other details.


Create or tune up your baby registry when you are five months pregnant

You may have already created your baby registry but if not, consider creating your baby registry now. Amazon has a baby registry and a free gift available for those who register. If you already created your baby registry, consider reviewing the items you added. Perhaps, you thought of new items that would be useful for the baby. You may also discover that you added items that you no longer need or want. If you need ideas on what to add to your registry, check out my baby essentials list.


Sign up for a childbirth education class

It may seem early, but I recommend starting to look for childbirth education classes. Whether you are a first-time mom or second-time mom, attending a childbirth education class would be a good idea. Some second-time moms may feel hesitant about attending a childbirth education class, since they already attended one in their first pregnancy.

However, I recommend it for several reasons. You may have a new instructor who provides information that was not given at your first childbirth education class, which you may find very useful. Also, if it has been several years since you’ve given birth, it would be a good refresher course to remind you of some useful information.


Start thinking about baby names

Researching different baby names is a perfect time when you are five months pregnant. You may have already completed your 20 week ultrasound and now know if you are having a boy or girl.  If you need ideas on how to pick a name, check out my list of baby names. Some pregnant women have the baby name picked out even before pregnancy. 🙂 However, if you’re not sure what to name your baby and need ideas, now is the perfect time to start thinking about baby names.


Pregnancy is an exciting time to get prepared for your baby and the new changes to come. When you are five months pregnant, creating your to-do list to to prepare for your baby’s arrival  is a good idea. Get started now and congratulations!


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