Free Baby Stuff For Pregnant Women in 2019

Are you looking for free pregnant stuff? Look no further! Whether you are a new mom or a mom with a bun in the oven, you can always benefit from free baby stuff. I have about 11 weeks to go before my estimated due date, so I decided to put together a resource list of free baby stuff for pregnant women.


free baby stuff for pregnant women

Target baby registry welcome kit

You can find free baby stuff for pregnant women if you sign up for Target’s baby registry. I actually signed up for my Target baby registry a few months ago, but did not pick up my free welcome kit yet. I plan on doing this soon! When you sign up for Target’s baby registry, you get a free welcome kit with coupons and samples for you and the baby. To date, this welcome kit has over $80 worth of free baby stuff. Check it out here.

As an added bonus, they also give you 15% off everything not purchased in your registry, 8 weeks before your expected due date. It’s not “free,” but every discount helps.

Amazon baby registry welcome kit

Amazon also provides free baby registry welcome kits. To date, their welcome kits are valued up to $35. In this welcome kit, you get surprise items for you and the baby. I absolutely love Amazon! They have a wide variety of baby products, as well as products that pregnant moms can benefit from (e.g. prego pillows). Don’t forget to sign up for their baby registry today so you can get your free welcome kit.


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Similac also offers free baby stuff for pregnant women. I first heard about Similac about 10 years ago. My sister-in-law’s relative came over one day and handed me Similac formula as a gift. She told me that she signed up for their rewards program when she was pregnant with her last child a few years back.

Since signing up for their rewards program, she still receives free formula samples and coupons. The formula she gave me was estimated to be around $20-$25. I exclusively breastfed my daughter for the first few months of her life, but eventually started incorporating some formula into her diet.

If you will be formula-feeding your baby, consider signing up for Similac’s Strong Moms Rewards Program. Their program offers free formula samples, as well as coupons. Check out their program here.



Let’s face it – diapers are expensive. After your baby is born, you will be using lots of diapers. It’s a good idea to stock up on diapers, but also to score free diapers when you can.

Pampers has a rewards program where you get bonus points by registering on, downloading the Pampers Rewards app, and scanning the first bar code on your app. When you accrue all these bonus points, you can receive free Pampers products, baby toys, and little gifts for yourself.


How about you? Have you found any free baby stuff for pregnant moms not listed here? Feel free to share in the comments below!


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