Lessons I Learned In The First Year Of Blogging

I’ve officially reached my 1 year blogging anniversary – woo hoo! It certainly has been quite a blogging journey this past year. It’s been a mix of ups and downs, but I am so happy that I started a blog. I came into the blogging world, ready to share my story and knowledge with everyone.

In this post, I wanted to share these lessons I learned in my first year of blogging. If you are somebody who has not yet started a blog and want to arm yourself with knowledge on what to expect in your first year of blogging, keep reading. Also, if you’ve just started a blog or have been blogging a few months, read through some of the lessons I learned.


first year of blogging

The first year of blogging: Starting a blog was the easiest part

When I first started my blog, I thought the beginning phase would be the most difficult. I created everything from scratch including setting up a website, writing my first blog posts, and setting up my business social media accounts. I’m not saying it was easy in the beginning, but it was easier compared to the middle of the year and towards the end of the year.

It’s true that starting a blog is a lot of work, but it’s also exciting because it’s new. I found that starting a blog is when motivation levels are the highest. That motivation for success drives you in the beginning and helps you get through the hard work in the initial phase of creating your blog. However, realistically, creating a successful blog takes a long time.

When more time passes and you don’t see the results you want right away, motivation to continue your blogging journey gets more difficult. It’s easier to get discouraged a few months after you start a blog. We see stories everyday about some blogger who got tons of blog traffic after a few months and we can’t help but compare and feel discouraged. Staying motivated and continuing to work hard and consistently on your blog is hard to do after you start. It’s important to not lose focus at this point and to remember that success is not overnight.


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There is no exact recipe for blog success

In my first year of blogging, I was naïve enough to think that if I followed all the advice of big-time and successful bloggers, I will see a crazy amount of traffic and develop a large blog following in no time. I feel a lot of aspiring bloggers fall for this trap as well. They buy courses from successful bloggers, follow every single piece of advice, word for word, and still don’t see the exact results of the blogger who created the course.

I’m not saying any of these courses or blog posts floating around the internet are baloney. In fact, a lot of the tips they share are a great foundation for creating a successful blog in the future. I have seen my own blog and followers grow as a result of the amazing knowledge shared by these successful bloggers. In my own blogging experience, I used a lot of the tips and tricks shared from these bloggers. However, I also had to do a lot of experimentation to see what would help me grow more successful by the day. I also learned about blogging activities that wasted my time.


I should have taken my email list more seriously

The majority of successful bloggers will tell you to start your email list and to take it seriously. Search engines and social media platforms change their algorithms frequently, which may change how you should up on their searches. You can’t always rely on search engines and social media, but you’ll always have your email list.

In my first year of blogging, I focused on building an email list and was able to get over 900 email subscribers after a few months of starting my blog. I initially sent out email blasts consistently and got some good traffic from these emails. After a few months, I started sending out emails inconsistently. In the last few months, I stopped completely, due to time issues.

This was a huge mistake and I have a lot of regrets. I had a real opportunity to build a loyal following and build relationships with my readers. In the next few months, I’ll be revisiting my email list strategy and taking my email list more seriously. If you are starting out with your blog, start taking your email list seriously right from the beginning. Countless bloggers will tell you that a large amount of their traffic and income from their email subscribers. If you don’t have an email management system set up yet, try Convertkit.

Their system is easy to use and allows you to organize different opt-in forms on your website.


I had to enjoy what I was doing to keep myself motivated

My blog focuses on topics that most moms can relate to including parenting, motherhood, babies, pregnancy, and saving money. As I started writing more, I realized that in order to keep the blogging momentum going, I had to really enjoy what I was writing about. Yes, it’s important for bloggers to write about topics in demand in order to attract traffic, but the writing shouldn’t be based solely on demand and the desire to make money. Otherwise, you put yourself at a very high chance of quitting your blogging journey.


First year of blogging: Mom bloggers have a unique challenge

Mom bloggers need to manage their time differently compared to bloggers without kids. One of the biggest challenges of mom bloggers is finding the time to blog and also be a parent. Being a parent is a full-time job, so managing a blog at the same time can be a tricky juggling task. Many aspiring mom bloggers get lured into the desire to start a blog because it has a ton of opportunity that traditional jobs don’t offer.

You get to work flexible hours, work from home, and pick your own schedule. I belong to a few mom blogging groups on Facebook and all the mom bloggers I have interacted with so far have been extremely supportive of one another. If you are an aspiring mom blogger, join other mom blogging groups for support. You will need it to help you get through your blogging journey, especially in the first year of blogging.


So, those are some of the important lessons I learned in the first year of blogging. Are you somebody interested in starting a blog, but are not sure where to begin? Leave me a comment below! Maybe, you are a new blogger who has been blogging less than a year? Leave a comment for me and tell me about some lessons you learned in your first year of blogging.



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