Pregnancy Dad Tips – How to Get Dad Involved With Pregnancy

When somebody announces pregnancy, we understandably think of expecting moms most of the time. What will she name the baby? When is her due date? Is she excited?

How long will she take time off work? There are so many questions we think about asking the mom. However, let’s not forget Dads! Dads are a crucial part of the pregnancy process, even if they are not carrying the baby.

Fathers are important when helping to make decisions about the baby’s life and providing support to moms. If you are pregnant or an expecting father wondering how to get involved, keep reading on pregnancy dad tips.


Pregnancy Dad Tips


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Name the baby

One of the ways dads can get involved with pregnancy is helping to decide the name. Some expecting moms may scoff at this idea, thinking this isn’t “real work.”

However, if a name hasn’t been picked out, this task can actually be a lot mentally harder than you think. I’ve known people who could not decide on a name, even after giving birth.

It was only once the hospital forced them to pick a name before discharging the mom back home. If you need to give dad ideas on how to pick a name or look through a list of names, check out my baby name list here.


Pregnancy Dad Tips: Grocery shopping

I highly recommend having dads do the grocery shopping during pregnancy, particularly in the first and third trimesters.

If you are like most pregnant women in the first trimester, your fatigue and nausea levels will skyrocket. One woman described her fatigue as feeling like she has not slept in days, had the flu, and has been hiking all day.

As somebody who has experienced first trimester fatigue, I pretty much agreed with her assessment. Delegating the grocery shopping to dads will help expecting moms with much needed rest during this crucial time.

In the third trimester, many pregnant women also experience fatigue. In addition, they also start to feel more uncomfortable, due to their growing bellies.

It gets physically harder to do a lot of things around this trimester. Having dads do the grocery shopping will give pregnant moms a break with this household chore.

If you are an expecting dad and don’t think grocery shopping is your thing, check out Amazon Fresh for grocery delivery options.

Drop off and/or pick up the kids from school

If you already have a child or children in school, dads can help drop off and/or pick up kids from school.

One of my mom friends did all the school pick-ups and drop-offs for the kids, while she worked full-time. Once she started to experience all the undesirable first trimester symptoms, she realized she needed help with the school pick-ups and drop-offs.

Dad was able to adjust his work schedule temporarily to pick up the kids from school. This was a huge help to the expecting mom who already had a full plate.


Pregnancy Dad Tips: Ask mom what she needs

Many women I know have a hard time asking for help, despite the desperate need and desire for help. Dads can get involved in pregnancy by simply asking what mom needs or wants to help make life a little easier.

Many pregnant moms, including myself, had to decrease the amount of household work, particularly in the first trimester. Dads can either complete more household chores to help mom out and/or arrange to get extra help in the house.

I’ve known some dads who hired temporary housekeeping services. Other dads took on extra household tasks, while assigning extra household tasks to other kids in the house.


Help out in the nursery

A lot of pregnant moms I talk to love to decorate the new nursery. However, it doesn’t mean dads can’s get involved somehow in nursery set up. Dads can get involved in the pregnancy by assembling and setting up the crib in the nursery.

They can also help arrange or set up other large items in the nursery, such as the dresser. Some dads can even paint the walls a new color to match the nursery décor.


Take a hospital birth tour with mom

The last thing you want is to feel unprepared once mom is in labor. Most hospitals provide tours for expecting parents. Hospitals are huge and easy places to either get lost.

If dads tour the hospital with moms, it takes off the pressure and expectation from moms to navigate everything once in labor.

Moms can concentrate on the most important thing, which is giving birth and managing her labor pains, while dads can navigate the hospital.



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Pregnancy Dad tips: Give moms days or nights off without the guilt

Expecting moms will need more days or nights off to rest from pregnancy. If moms are in charge of making most of the meals in the home, she should definitely get more breaks from this.

For example, if she’s in charge of making dinner every night and cleaning up, take half of these responsibilities off of her plate. This may mean dads making dinner several nights a week or dads placing more take-out orders during this time.

Dads will need to participate more in getting dishes done or getting housekeeping services arranged to make this happen, so mom can get some nights off.


Attend prenatal appointments with expecting moms

Having dad attend some of the prenatal appointments with mom is an excellent way to get involved in pregnancy.

These appointments give dads the opportunity to ask questions about the baby’s health, mom’s health, and what to expect in the coming months. It’s also a great way for moms to feel supported and not feel alone in pregnancy.



Pregnancy is an exciting and challenging time for not only expecting moms, but for family members involved, such as dads.

It’s important for dads to be involved in pregnancy. Even though dads don’t carry the baby, there are numerous ways to get them involved. Try some of these pregnancy dad tips today.


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  1. Great tips! I was really lucky to have my husband help me with cooking and keeping our son happy when I was expecting our daughter. He even changed his soap because I couldn’t take the smell of it during my first trimester!

  2. I love this so much! My husband was a big part of the pregnancy and they don’t give dad’s enough credit and it is hard for some to get involved so this is such a great post!! #BlyssYourHeart

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