Pregnancy Survival Tips To Get You Through The Summer

Summer is one of my favorite seasons. Although I typically love the summer weather and outdoor activities, this summer is different for me. Pregnancy has brought on some challenges during the summertime, so I’ve had to make some adjustments. Currently, I’m nearing towards the end of my second trimester and entering the third trimester.  In this post, I talk about pregnancy survival tips to get you through the summer. Before engaging in any of these recommended activities during pregnancy, be sure to get the clearance from your doctor first.


pregnancy survival tips

Add swimming to your summer activities

One of my favorite pregnancy survival tips in the summer is going for a swim! Swimming is a great way to help you manage pregnancy discomforts during summertime. Swimming brings lots of benefits in pregnancy including exercise, staying cool, and the therapeutic feel of the water on achy body parts.

Last week, it was particularly hot where I live and I went for a swim. The water helped me cool off during the summer heat. My body was aching before entering the swimming pool. Once I started to move around, the water helped relieve a lot of the body aches I was feeling. If you already have kids, it’s also a great way to bond with your family. My daughter LOVES going to the swimming pool, so I’m able to get lots of different things achieved by going for a swim.


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Get prenatal massages

A prenatal massage is a perfect summer activity for pregnant women! A few weeks ago, I got a prenatal massage and it felt absolutely fantastic and well worth the money! If you are past your first trimester, be sure to get your massage from a massage therapist who is certified in giving specialized massages for pregnant women.

I received a lot of benefits from getting a prenatal massage, including time to relax and alleviating some of my body aches. My massage therapist was also able to give me great recommendations on ways to sleep and move my body during pregnancy. Prenatal massages are also wonderful in the summer, because you get to stay cool indoors.


Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated is important in the summer, but even more important when you are pregnant. If you are pregnant in the summer, be sure to drink water throughout the day. Constipation is also one of those unfortunate common symptoms in pregnancy, so drinking water might help with this.


Participate in prenatal yoga classes

This is on my to-do list for the summer! It’s a great way to spend time indoors, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time outside, where it’s hot. Prenatal yoga can also help prepare you for childbirth, relax, stay fit, and alleviate some of those achy body parts that pregnancy can cause.


Wear comfortable shoes

After the first trimester, I completely avoided high heels. Feet and leg swelling are common in pregnancy. Wearing comfortable shoes during pregnancy is a must! To make sure you stay comfortable and help prevent any injuries, make sure your shoes provide adequate support and protection. Without the proper support and protection, it can actually make feet and leg discomfort worse if you’re already experiencing them.


Limit outdoor activity during the hottest parts of the day

I am somebody who can actually tolerate hot weather, compared to others I know. However, pregnancy lowered my tolerance for heat and I’m much more sensitive to it now. When you’re pregnant, your body temperature is already a little higher than normal, so it makes sense that pregnant women will be more sensitive to the heat.

Summer is a great time to spend outdoors, because of the beautiful weather. However, when you’re pregnant, try to stay indoors as much as you can, during the hottest parts of the day. Unless you’re doing an activity that will cool you off, such as swimming, you will feel more comfortable indoors during the hottest parts of the day.


Avoid tight clothing

I am someone who likes to wear a lot of fitted clothing. However, when you are pregnant in the summer, wearing tight clothes can make you extremely uncomfortable. You have to deal with swelling and the heat, which is not a fun combination. Limit your summer wardrobe to looser and more comfortable clothing.


Pregnancy in the summer can be a challenge, but it doesn’t need to be unbearable the whole time. Use some of these pregnancy survival tips to get you through the summer. Has there been anything you tried this summer that has helped you get through pregnancy. Feel free to share your tips in the comments. I would love to hear from you!


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