Ways To Deal With Visitors After Baby Is Born

Make your strategy now on how to deal with visitors after baby is born. If you are getting close to your due date, you are probably experiencing a mix of emotions including excitement and anxiety. You may also be working on other to-do items including finishing up the nursery, getting all your baby essentials ready, and getting the car seat prepared.

When I had my first pregnancy, it never crossed my mind on how to deal with visitors after the baby was born. I was too busy getting all the baby essentials ready, practicing my breathing techniques for labor, and getting my hospital bag ready.

Not having a plan to deal with visitors after the birth of my daughter was a huge mistake. Although, I knew I was going to be tired, I didn’t anticipate the extent of my fatigue and the amount and frequency of visitors after the baby was born.

Now that I have my second child on the way, I’m not making that same mistake again. If you are creating your pregnancy to-do list, don’t forget to plan your strategy around visitors after you give birth. In this post, I discuss ways to deal with visitors after baby is born.


visitors after baby is born


Create a visitor schedule after your baby’s arrival

It may be tempting to allow any visitors to drop by anytime after your baby’s arrival. However, this is a big mistake. Most new moms will underestimate just how tired they will be after they give birth.

You won’t have the “normal” schedule of being up all day and sleeping throughout the night. Your schedule will be caring for the baby throughout the day and night. This will go on every day for the first few months.

You shouldn’t have extra responsibilities on your schedule around this time. Believe it or not, entertaining guests is an extra responsibility, so don’t feel bad about restricting the amount and frequency of visitors around this time.


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Keep visitors limited when you are in the hospital

Giving birth is a physically exhausting task on your mind and body. After you give birth, your body and mind need time to rest. However, it’s difficult to rest in long stretches while you’re in the hospital.

After I gave birth to my daughter, I breastfed her every 1-3 hours. Within those short feeding hours, nurses would visit me all the time to check on my condition. I never slept more than 1.5 hours at one time and it felt like I was going to go crazy out of exhaustion.

The last thing you need is to entertain visitors during this time. Keep visitors limited during your hospital stay.


Tip to deal with visitors after baby is born: Ask for help

If you have visitors over, you might as well get some help in the process. Is your mother on the way to your house? Have her cook some dinner that night. Has your best friend told you she will be hanging out at your house for a few hours the next day?

Ask her to watch the baby for an hour or two. This tip can be difficult for many people, like myself, who generally dislike asking for help. For me, I’m used to doing most things on my own. However, childbirth and child-rearing during the infant period are incredibly taxing. Don’t be afraid to ask for help during this time.


Don’t be afraid to cut visits short at home

We all know people who love to stay for extended amounts of time when they visit. After you take the baby home, it’s important for you to get as much rest whenever it is possible. Don’t be afraid to tell a visitor that time is up. Make it short, sweet, and simple. “I really enjoyed your company. I’m going to take a nap now. Thanks for coming over.”



Most people in your life will be excited to visit after the baby is born. Be sure to set limits, utilize help as much as possible, and don’t be afraid to say no. Your mental state depends on it!


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